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My PLN Makes Me Think

After following a couple of comments on Twitter I went to check out the NECC Ning.   I was really impressed with the variety of resources there that were available to me, so I joined, but mostly I’ll be following on Twitter.  Based on a tweet today I have already added an article on teaching global citizenship to my bookmarks.  I haven’t read it in full yet, simply skimmed through, but I can definitely see some things in it that may prove useful for my project.  I also retweeted to a request asking people to state the things superintendents need to know to lead change.  In 140 characters you really need to keep your thoughts precise.

Speaking of precision in language, I have a thought about using Twitter as a part of my lesson.   Right now I can’t tweet with my students, but my idea is to ask them to summarize their learning on the project in 140 characters.  I could also use the 140 character limit to get them to summarize a piece of writing, kind of the way it might appear on the back of a novel.  If (when) I can actually have them share their ideas I could also have them tweet back reviews of each others summaries.  I can see a whole unit developing on summarizing and reviews.  We could look at books and how the publisher picks one or two lines from reviewers as a way to promote the book in addition to giving a summary of the plot.   Then we could use what we learn to develop our own.   Since I don’t need Twitter to do this,  I’m going to let it simmer a while as I plan my project.

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