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Asking Classroom 2.0 for Help

I’m kicking around an idea for my project that combines digital storytelling and field trips.  I’d like to create something where students apply what they learn about writing when we go on a science field trip.  Since it’s a collaborative lesson with the science teacher on my team, I want students to come back and create something that demonstrates how the field trip was a learning experience with regard to science and demonstrate their ability to write something for a specific audience which meets one of my curriculum requirements.  I got the idea this summer reading an article on project based learning where even field trips were viewed as a resource for learning and have been thinking about how I could incorporate the idea ever since.

Since I’m just kicking around the idea I don’t really have a lot of resources to fall back on, so I put a request out to everyone on classroom 2.0 in the hopes that I can pick their collective brains for ideas that can give my plan a little more depth and shape.  I also searched on diigo to see what resources were there for field trips.  Most of the hits I got were focused on virtual field trips, but I did get a fantastic link to Langwitches blog about turning field trips into learning trips.  She’s also someone I follow on Twitter so I already know she has a good handle on technology integration.  I bookmarked her blog, it’s in my PBS file and will go back and read it more closely as I begin my planning for this week.

I think I’m off to a pretty good start.  I’m looking forward to planning my project.  My philosophy is to keep it simple and to try to use whatever technology I choose to its fullest potential.  I also want to be able to teach my students how technology can be used  to demonstrate learning, but I don’t want to overwhelm them.  I also need to make sure whatever I do is accessible to all my students, so I have to consider what tools are available to  them through the school, as well as what tools they might have access to on their own.  I feel like this lesson is something that I can easily teach and they can successfully master.  I also think it’s a great way to introduce how to use technology and hopefully, it will also enhance the field trip experience.

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