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Too Much On the Menu

Have you ever gone to a restaurant where the menu was a veritable tome of entrees? Divided into sections, subdivided by category, you find yourself wishing that there were only two or three items on the menu to choose from, because faced with so many choices, you find yourself shutting down. Or worse, you think you’ve finally made a decision only to turn a page and see something else you want to try.

Sometimes I feel that way with web 2.0 tools.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that there are so many tools out there, but there are days when I feel like I’ll never be ahead of the curve.  How do other people do it?  How do they stay on top of all the new technology that is out there, and even more important, how do they continue to work this new technology into their lessons?   Sometimes I think it’s better just to focus on only a few tools, like the restaurant goer who always orders the same thing off the menu, but then what happens on the day that item is 86ed? (Like Bubble Share was this summer, so sad to see it go).

The good news about all of this technology is that schools and individual teachers no longer have to pay for software programs that become obsolete, and ideally, soon won’t even need to order textbooks, making schools greener and information more current.   In addition, with all the tech resources available to them, teachers can pick and choose what to add to their lessons based on students’ needs and abilities.  It’s also no longer a problem if a specific online tool isn’t working properly on the day it’s needed, because there’s always an identical tool out there that can be accessed.

Sure, web 2.0 is changing the face of education for the better, and access to technology is more open than ever before, it’s just that somedays, I’d like there to be a little less on the menu.

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