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Teach the Future

I was a little sad this week, Daniel Pink the author of the bestselling book A Whole New Mind spoke in my area.  Unfortunately, I was sick and couldn’t attend.  I’m sad about this because I find his ideas fascinating.  He reaffirms the need to change the way we look at the future and plan for success.  According to Pink, creativity and collaboration are the critical skills of the future, and we need to prepare ourselves by recognizing and practicing these skills.  His words are especially crucial for educators as we look forward into the 21st century.  The future of our students is as unpredictable to us, as our future would have been to those living in the early part of the twentieth century.  How would someone who lived at that time envision the job of a video game designer, computer programmer, or software developer?  How can we imagine what the world will look like as we approach the end of this century?

We can’t possibly teach our students how to use all the technology that is available to them, and I am going to make a radical statement, there are times I believe we don’t need to teach with technology at all.  However, I do believe we need to provide our students with constant opportunities to challenge themselves, to explore ideas from a variety of angles, to think creatively and work collaboratively, and to develop a willingness to take risks. When we do this we teach the future.


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