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Better than the Christmas Catalogue

This week in the Capstone course we have to identify a technology resource we would like the school to purchase.  Oh, what dreams I have about what I would like our school to buy!   First, I’d like to see us purchase digital video cameras, digital voice recorders, microphones and Macintosh laptops and create a mobile digital story telling  lab.  I can just imagine all the things my writers could do with access to media that would allow them to create documentaries, movies, cartoons, any variety of digital story telling that they could imagine.  Another thing I would love to see is a wall mounted projector and Smart board in every classroom, with webcams and microphones so we could  video conference with other schools, or professional writers, or professors at MIT.   I’d also like to  purchase the equipment to create a sound booth where students could create and upload original podcasts.  Again, I’d go with Apple, because the necessary software is already loaded and easy to use.  While I was at it, I’d purchase classroom sets of the Itouch, and maybe some Ipod nanos because now they capture video, and hey, since it’s not real money, why not class sets of Kindles for every classroom and limitless e-books for students to access.

And while I’m living in a fantasy word, I’d also enter an agreement with a distributor  that would allow our students to purchase laptops or netbooks for themselves, so they would always have access to technology and so that the playing field could be leveled between those with the money to afford all the new technology as rapidly as it advances, and those who don’t have the same advantages.

As I float away on my bubble of technology dreams, I can’t help but hope for the day when I can stop browsing the catalog and get my wish.

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