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Twittering Away

I should be working on my homework.  I know this even as I sit here and write.  I knew this when I launched Tweet Deck to read the tweets I hadn’t been looking at because I’m supposed to be working on my homework.  That’s actually what started me thinking.  I know that I procrastinate, and I’m always fighting not to put off until tomorrow what I’m supposed to do today.  Well, it’s tomorrow and I’m still not doing it.  But here’s my question, is it really procrastination when I’m being productive?   In the time that I was supposed to finish the assignment for my online class I created a video for Shelly Terrell’s “Why Do We Connect” project, viewed a video about teaching technology that parodied The Office, and shared a link to Tom Barrett’s Interesting Ways to Teach Reading Comprehension.

That’s one of the reasons I use Twitter, people are willing to share their ideas, and from what they share I am able to brainstorm ways to integrate it into my own classroom.  For example, after viewing Tom Barrett’s “Interesting Ways” slideshow I am considering how to integrate Blabberize into my upcoming novel study.  My students will be reading The Lightning Thief and I think I’ll ask them to use Blabberize to record reactions to events from a character’s point of view.  I also love  Shelly Terrell’s idea of a collaborative video and I am wondering how I can bring this into my classroom too.  Right now everything is in the fermentation stages, but if I hadn’t Twittered my time away, I wouldn’t even have these ideas to consider.

Oh yeah, my homework?   Use my blog to record notes from my readings on reflection.  Better get to work.

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  1. March 8, 2010 at 7:10 am

    Thank you so much for contributing to the project. It is so much better than I would have ever expected.

    I procrastinate all the time. I was supposed to be doing my actual presentation when I decided to do the video. My presentation is this Sunday, yikes! However, I think the video will probably be the most powerful part of the presentation; the thing that makes the difference. If I didn’t have social media tools like Twitter to distract me then honestly I can say I would have never been asked to do the presentation to begin with, since this is what they accepted my proposal on 😉

    Cheers to being distracted by Twitter!

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