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Trying My Hand At It

Since I’ve been focusing my thoughts on creativity and reflection this week I thought I would combine the two in an attempt to use visual thinking, or my more creative self, to reflect on my learning. I used nota, an excellent tool for visual thinkers because it allows you to select all sorts of images to make meaning. Below you will see the image of my finished “thoughts”.

I think using visual thinking tools like this could be an excellent way to ask my students to engage in reflection as well. Using words as well as images might help them to express their learning and think about the connections to their prior knowledge. I know that when I was exploring the images I wanted to use it gave me a broader perspective that made me think differently. It also gave me a way to express what was still fermenting in my mind that I didn’t really have the words to express. I think this would really help my students, especially the ones who think in pictures.

NOTA - Thoughts Provoked

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