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After reading Larry Ferlazzo and thinking about the Buddha

I was talking this week with a colleague about creating a classroom climate where students were willing to take risks, one that focused on positive behaviors rather than rules and procedures. I can’t take credit for this idea, it came to me via an elluminate session on teaching with the Buddha. One of the presenters was explaining how her students begin the year identifying the type classroom environment they want by focusing on what they would need to do to achieve that kind of environment. My colleague mentioned that she and her team had been talking about something similar. They had noticed that their students could identify positive behaviors, but they weren’t able to talk about what those behaviors looked like. For example, they knew it was important to be nice, but what would nice look like? That got me to thinking, how do I get students to think about what cooperative and collaborative behavior looks like? And how do I help them own these behaviors?

Today as I was reading Larry Ferlazzo’s blog he was writing about having students create videos that model right behavior, a sort of student generated training video. I really like this idea and I’m planning on running with it for the start of next school year. It combines the idea of having students come up with their view for a cooperative classroom environment and identifying what it looks like. I think that making videos will help them think about concrete ways to demonstrate the behaviors they identify. These videos could be uploaded and saved to our class blog to share with others. What a great way to give students voice in the classroom.

  1. Larry Ferlazzo
    June 21, 2010 at 3:51 am

    I’d love to see them!


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